Is God too Busy for Us?

I have four kids, and my office is at home. They call on me often, but I don’t always answer. Most of the time it’s not really important, so I don’t respond. 

It’s not me who determines what’s important. They do…

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My wife and I have four children, with our oldest in college and youngest in elementary school.

Helping them develop their own walk with God is on our minds—a lot! So are questions about why so many young people are walking away from faith, and why parents often have a distant relationship with God.

I kept coming back to an answer that was so obvious… I almost missed it.

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If you’re like me, it’s the time of year we start thinking of things we want to do better in the coming New Year.

My eating has spiraled out of control, I’ll drop some pounds… in January. Better get back to the gym… after the Holidays. And I might as well throw Bible-reading into the New Year’s basket, too.


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