10. Bite-sized nuggets

Bite-sized fasting nuggets

Fasting is not required in scriptures– its optional.  Which is why it pleases God – we do it willingly.

Fasting does seem to be encouraged, and Jesus assumed that we would fast, but it’s still a choice.

Fasting is prayer on steroids. It gives prayer that extra edge and allows God to work more mightily in our weakness.

Fasting allows you to put the flesh under submission

Fasting allows God to have a greater audience with us by helping us tune out the world and tuning into Him

Fasting shows God we’re seeking him in intentional ways

Fasting allow us to tap into God’s power in greater ways

Fasting allows the body to rest from the toxic effects of the foods we eat

Fasting allows me to enjoy food and feast more fully – I love feasting!  Fasting seem to keep the body in balance.

Fasting allows me to master other disciplines – the person who can suspend food can suspend the lust of the world in other ways

Fasting brings out a spirit and a quality in me that my wife sees, appreciates and values (she helps cover for me when I fast because she believe in it too)

Fasting is very hard, but very doable

Fasting is amazingly easy at times – especially the longer you go (I know, a paradox – and yea, contrary to above point)

Fasting is lonely

Fasting often seems ineffective and pointless (so do my prayers at times – but we do it anyway).

Sometimes fasting feels like a grind – I grind it out, skipping meal after meal, day after day. Nothing feels different. But that’s where you need faith that God sees you…and will reward your efforts.

Fasting causes me to always be thinking of God – I’m hungry because I’m not eating and I’m not eating because I’m fasting for God

Fasting gets me to a point of intimacy with God that I can’t get any other way

Fasting is misunderstood by people who have never fasted, and understood by those who have tasted it (but still mysterious)

Fasting should be practiced with grace –  you set the rules… you quit when you want. As we listen to God, he will help us make these decisions

Things people say when they fast

I cant believe how much we talk about food (at home, at work, at school, etc.)

I cant believe all the commercials about food

I cant believe how many billboard are advertising food

I cant believe how I’m not even hungry (at day 5 or 7 or 10, etc)

I cant believe how strong I feel and how much energy I have (at day 5,7,10, etc.)