Pillar 3: Working the Bible Rubik’s Cube

The Bible is like a Rubik’s cube.

Not the completed cube with all six colors lined up on their respective sides, but the scrambled puzzle with different colors scattered on each side.

Even despite past attempts, and failures, to unscramble the puzzle, we all still want to engage and unlock its mysteries.

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The most important sections of any book are the first and last chapters.

The beginning provides context for the middle. And the end provides “the rest of the story” that makes every story complete.

It’s impossible to understand a story by staying trapped in the middle, or circling around a few pages. But this is exactly how most people experience the Bible.

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In my previous post, I noted two concerning, and connected, trends

– Young people walking away from faith
– Biblical literacy dramatically declining among young people (and adults)

As promised, this is the first of five pillars to teach your family. That means five ways to help your family grow up to understand truth, and to walk more confidently in the faith.

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