Engage your faith, your church, and your family

The holiday decorations are being put up. Candy canes appear at the grocery store checkout area. Most people enjoy the seasonal celebration, but there’s also a tension in the air.

Christian families want Christmas to be more spiritual, less commercial—more about Jesus and less about Santa.

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Naturally, when it comes to the Christmas story, Mary receives most of the attention. A virgin teenage mother gives birth to the Christ child—what a headline!

Often Joseph appears as a tag-along character, with donkeys, shepherds, and wise guys. But Joseph’s role in the story, and his unique ancestry, is monumental.

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In 2016, I accepted the challenge to read the Bible in 60 days. Since then I’ve led hundreds of people, from all around the world, through a power-read journey of the scriptures. 

But this Summer, I wanted to help families, including their teen children, have the experience of seeing the big picture of the Bible.

So I’ve planned an opportunity (see link below) for you to read the Bible as a family for 60 days. Instead of reading the entire Bible, this reading plan covers forty percent of the text…

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For many families, school is out! How about reading the Bible together this Summer?

I know what you’re thinking. Is that even possible? Reading the Bible as a family?

As someone who’s led hundreds of people though the Bible, I can say it is possible, even in a home with busy teenagers. But you need the right expectations and a solid plan.

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In my previous post, I noted two concerning, and connected, trends

– Young people walking away from faith
– Biblical literacy dramatically declining among young people (and adults)

As promised, this is the first of five pillars to teach your family. That means five ways to help your family grow up to understand truth, and to walk more confidently in the faith.

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As parents, we’re on the lookout for things that might harm our kids. It’s instinctive to annihilate dangers in their path: germs, foods additives, diseases, preservatives, and a steady diet of sugar. I’m pretty sure Stephanie and I will give our future grandkids plenty of cookies and ice cream, but right now it drives us crazy when the grandparents hand out candy. Like families of faith, we try to protect our children...

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I know what you might be thinking. Reading the entire Bible in two months sounds crazy! But it’s for real. People are reading—and loving it! At the end of this article I offer a personal challenge and invitation, but let’s answer the question: Why should we even consider this idea? 

Here are 8 reasons to re-think a Bible power-read.

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