Walking with Your Family

If you read one of my books, you’ll quickly discover my most cherished love – my family.

In Plastic Donuts, you’ll learn how my daughter taught me about how God views us as children. From Divine Applause, you’ll see ways my wife and three sons have taught me about God’s watchful ways.

When I experience joy in my children, I think of God finding joy in us. My walk with God has been shaped by my own dad’s watchful ways. His interest has helped me to notice God’s Fatherly interest in me.

But I’m concerned about families, today.

Leading my family into a deep walk with God serves as my single greatest ambition.

And I’ve committed my life to help other parents go deeper in their faith, and lead their family.

That’s why I’m very involved in my local community, meeting with families – helping them articulate their faith and re-engage with the Bible.

Yeah, the Bible. I’m cutting-edge like that.

But seriously, the Bible is America’s favorite unopened book. Christianity’s influence is fading in the West, in direct proportion to Bible engagement.

Bible apps are downloaded by the millions. And Bible publishers are introducing more creative ways to read and experience the Bible.

The problem is, few actually read the Bible consistently, in any format. It’s a few clicks away… and stays that way. We don’t read the latest fine print in the App Store before clicking “Accept.” And many Christians have the same level of engagement with scripture. 

The failed solution (yawn) is reminding people they should read their Bible.

I’m here to challenge you, and help “re-position” the Bible to enjoy an unclouded relationship with God’s word.

Frankly, I’m not here to change culture. I’m here to change one family at a time. 

I’m saddened by how many youth have drifted from the faith of their parents. But I’m not surprised. If we can’t clearly articulate our faith, we won’t live it. And if we don’t live it…

At the same time, I’m encouraged. God has given us the very thing which can renew our minds and transform our lives. The Bible. And I’m here to help teach, and lead our families into a deeper walk.

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