Walking with Your Family

Leading my family into a deep walk with God serves as my single greatest ministry responsibility and calling.

And I’ve committed my life to help other parents go deeper in their faith, and lead their family.

I’m concerned about the growing trend of young people leaving home and walking away from God. You’ve likely heard the statistics. 

But it’s not just about avoiding walk-away faith. We want our children to thrive. We don’t just want them to avoid the faith fade. We want them to enjoy a deeper walk with God. 

My current initiative involves working with families, helping them engage with the Bible in the home.




The Bible has been called “America’s favorite unopened book.” Bible apps are downloaded by the millions. And Bible publishers are introducing more creative ways to read and experience the Bible. The problem is, few actually read the Bible consistently, in any format. It’s a few clicks away… and stays that way.

Yes, we’ve tried Bible study and scripture memorization-and those are important. But without a grasp of the big-picture storyline, we miss an integral part of our faith’s foundation.

Recently I have been encouraging parents and teens to read the entire Bible – in 60 days! The results have been astounding. 



Families tell me it’s not only possible, but also life changing. If you’d like to get on board with one of our reading plans, subscribe to my newsletter (below) and I’ll keep you posted on future opportunities, as well as my other insights and encouragement to help you lead your family in a deeper walk with God. 


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