Plastic Donuts

Instead of bringing us closer to God, and each other, the topic of financial giving is murky for most believers.

This is why I wrote Plastic Donuts.

Plastic Donuts is the story of a special gift that helped me to see giving from God’s perspective.

The message is the result of my deep-dive study of roughly 2,000 gift mentions in the Bible. Plastic Donuts takes away the awkwardness that so often accompanies the subject of giving, and replaces it with biblical clarity. 

This simple message has traveled the world. Pastors all across North America have shared the plastic donut illustration to teach on giving.

Plastic Donuts brings everyone – leaders and followers, teachers and learners – onto the same page.

You won’t see giving the same way after reading this book. 

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I’ve known, and worked with, Jeff Anderson for nearly 10 years. He has lived his message which is solidly biblical, and helps people see their giving in a new light. The Acceptable Gift brings leaders and those they serve, on the same page and connected to God in their generosity.
– Howard Dayton, Founder, Compass-finances God’s way

There are very few people that I’ve worked with that I feel like I can see the hand of God working through. It’s like their connected to God’s vision in a very intimate way. Jeff is one of these people.
– Patrick Johnson, Chief Architect, GenerousChurc

Jeff is a man who walks his talk. God is using him to deliver a compelling message of generosity to this generation. Every time I am with him I am challenged and encouraged to live more generously.
– Todd Harper, President, Generous Giving

The church today desperately needs a fresh voice on the true meaning of biblical stewardship and Jeff Anderson is providing it! With an authentic life-message, Jeff speaks with powerful encouragement into the lives of individuals and entire congregations. He spoke into mine at a critical juncture and I am eternally grateful.
– Hess Hester, Senior Pastor, Southern Hills Baptist Church

Jeff Anderson is a longtime friend. He is highly qualified to share the principles and practicesof generosity with others because he personally lives them. Want to become more generous? Learn how from Acceptable Gift.
– Chuck Bentley, CEO, Crown Financial Ministries