A baby in a basket… and 3,500 years of racism

 60-day Bible readers are flying through scriptures.

 In just a few quick days, we cleared Genesis and landed in Exodus – and what a timely read that is for today.

 A man (Moses) grows up witnessing slavery of the Hebrews to the Egyptians. One day he notices a particularly cruel and violent treatment toward one of his Hebrew brothers. Moses flies into rage – and kills the Egyptian.

How’s that for a social-justice protest?

What follows is 3,500 years of ongoing racism and widespread injustice toward the Hebrew people (Jews).

No group has endured the racially-motivated onslaught and persecution like the Jewish people.

Moses grew up in the midst of racial-genocide. His parents floated him in a basket along the Nile River to escape Pharaoh’s decree to kill all the Hebrew baby boys.

Centuries later, after Egyptian slavery, the Jews endured Haman’s plot to exterminate the Jews (book of Esther); and in the Gospels, there’s another attempt to kill all the Jewish baby boys (King Herod)

This history seems so unreal to us today – we can only imagine them as we read the stories to children from the colored pages of their Bibles.

More recently, we’re familiar with Hitler’s horrific holocaust that killed six million Jews. That’s worth restating. Six… million… lives.

And in between all these holocaustic seasons, hatred toward Jews rages on. From the book of Exodus to the feeds of Twitter—the evil of anti-Semitism is there.


Deep-Rooted Racism

After Satan introduced sin in the garden, God told Satan, “Game on!” [Jeff’s paraphrase] “I will put enmity between you and the woman, between your offspring and her [Eve] offspring.” (Genesis 3:15)

This “enmity” means warfare, hostility, hatred.

Sure enough, there’s been warfare against Jewish “offspring” ever since.  (Revelation 12:17)

Racial hatred and injustice against Israel will snowball toward global rebellion in the last days.

Ultimately Satan’s extreme hatred for Israel (and against the Church that supports Israel) will reach a climax, setting up God’s extreme wrath and violent intervention against mankind.

As much as we’d all like to see peace on earth, Bible prophecy suggests a world of growing tension and injustice – not a world free of it.

Global relations today are embroiled in a racial-driven meltdown that’s much larger than what happened in Minnesota. These tensions are at the very heart of the Bible’s history… and future.

Satan is the master racist and will bring racial injustice and oppression to a level unequaled in history. And it has nothing to do with blacks and whites, or even Americans.

It has to do with the original family of Jesus – the Jews. They’re the most hated people group on earth.


 The George Floyd incident is unfortunate.

The case of George Floyd needs time to sort out. But regardless, we know countless other African-Americans deserve justice for their treatment over past centuries of our country’s history.

Racism is evil, and is likely responsible for more murder and oppression than any other motivation.

But the hard truth for the Jews is this: racism and injustice is here to stay.

God’s original covenant to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (the people of Israel) remains intact. They are God’s chosen people to the end.

And Satan hates God’s chosen. As long as they exist – so will the hatred.

While the Gospels opened up salvation to the Gentiles (non-Jews), God remains committed to finish His business with the Jews – bringing them back to their original homeland (Israel) and redeeming a remnant for the next stage on the end times calendar (Millennial Kingdom).

Israel’s survival is divine.

What else can explain how a persecuted people group can survive and thrive for 3,500 years despite extreme hatred, injustice and genocide?

How do they disappear from Jerusalem (Roman invasion in 70 AD) and return to statehood nearly 2,000 years later (1948)?

And consider their small plot of land along the Mediterranean Sea, roughly the size of new Jersey – it’s the hot zone for middle east conflict today.

All eyes are on Israel. Why? What is it about these Jewish people and their land that attracts so much global attention?

It’s simple. The Jewish race is the ancestry of Jesus. And the land of Israel is where Jesus will one day return to reign.

Satan’s racial and oppression agenda is aimed at things Jewish. And a final conflict is brewing.

Bible reading perspective

For Power Readers, reading through the Bible cover-to-cover, we’re learning about God’s history. Along the way, we have opportunity to ask deeper questions about the things going on in our world.

As we see, when it comes to racial tension and injustice – there’s a much bigger story than America and their soiled history with slavery that began 400 years ago.

It’s the 3,500-year history of racial conflict aimed at Jesus’ first family.



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