How to have family Bible conversations (and how NOT to!)

Whether you’re reading the Bible as a family this Summer, or simply seeking to lead your family in faith, you might be wondering…

Shouldn’t we be having “spiritual” conversations as a family?

My encouragement is this. Relax. Trust the Process. Bible reading creates unplanned opportunities for discussion in the home.

They say families are spending 100 minutes a day on Netflix. But families don’t plan time to talk about TV shows, do they? Of course not.

Whether it’s Netflix, or binging on ESPN or Instagram, content consumption creates conversations…naturally.

When families read the Bible (filling their minds and home with spiritual content) spiritual conversations are likely to happen.

While I encourage you to aim for some structured, planned conversations – don’t despair if they fail miserably (see video below).

What family Bible conversations really look like!  (2-minute video)


Trust the process. Enjoy reading your Bible. And watch for opportunities.

Remember: content consumption creates conversations!