Fasting (are you kidding me?)

[Video: First Thoughts on Fasting]

One of the practical themes from my book, Divine Applause is idea of fasting.

(Crickets chirping…)

I know what you’re thinking. Get that book away from me, right?

But if you came here after reading the book, you’re likely thinking something different. Like, tell me more about fasting.

For the past ten years I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the hunger people have to know more about the subject.

While it’s not the most popular small group topic (especially while snacking on chips and queso), people are curious. They are intrigued that fasting is physically possible. They especially want to know how fasting can deepen their walk with God.

 Jeff the fasting expert (not)

It’s ironic I’m writing on fasting. I still have questions of my own. (It’s shocking how little material there is on the subject).

It’s been said that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man can be king. Given that ignorance abounds on the subject, I’ve found myself at the center of conversations on fasting.

I’ve fasted by drinking only water, and at other times only fresh juice and water. I’ve fasted in pursuit of something from God, and I’ve fasted just to be close to God. I’ve had some fulfilling fasts, and some unfulfilling ones. I’ve started fasts and completed them as planned; and I’ve started some and abandoned them for a pizza… or a donut.

I’ve learned there are very few rules when it comes to fasting. Freedom abounds. That’s because fasting is for you!

Perhaps my single most significant learn about fasting is this – it’s much more attainable than people think. Surprisingly, it can even be a comfortable experience.

Most importantly, fasting is an agent to prayer. If your prayer life is in need of a jolt, you must consider fasting.

Not a Doctor… just a hungry child

I’m not a doctor and I am not offering medical advice. I recommend everyone do their due diligence and seek out their own medical advice before approaching a fast.

Nor am I a nutritionist or a juice junkie. While there’s a whole word of fasting and juicing experts who swear by its health merits, that’s not my interest or domain.

What I am is a child of God, hungry for connection, purpose, and growth in my journey. I’ve found fasting to be the remedy for this type of spiritual hunger.


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