4 Reasons Why I Like the Power Read Challenge for Teens

What are your teens reading this summer?

It’s not a trick question. When I was a teen, I read magazines, but mostly was outside or watching television. But years ago, after challenging myself to read the entire Bible in sixty days, I realized how doable the goal was—and was surprised by how much I learned.

Then I wondered if a teenager could also Power Read the Bible in sixty days and have a similar faith-building experience. As you can see from the interviews I’ve posted on my YouTube channel teens not only can read the entire Bible—they want to.

Here are four reasons why you and your teens can Power Read this summer.


1. We need the 60 hours

When it comes to Power-Reading scripture, here’s a secret. It’s not about understanding every verse or chapter, and it’s not only about reading from cover to cover—although that’s an important aspect. The reward is the massive amount of time invested.

Immersing yourself in any subject for sixty hours makes a big impact. And when you consider that many of us haven’t even considered reading the entire Bible in one summer, the difference is huge.

You and your teens might have a rich devotional time every day… or not. And I certainly don’t advocate abandoning spiritual practices that you want to pursue. But how many times to we get stuck after a few prayers and verses in five minutes? What if we focused on reading—at a brisk pace—for a full hour.

In sixty days, the hours add up. And the impact adds up.

2. We need the full story

Youth ministry Bible programming is primarily focused on the New Testament. Teens have very little exposure to the Old Testament. And often it’s only a few verses that emphasize the dos and donts of the faith.

As a result, they don’t understand the history of God with us, the lineage of Christ (the journey of The Seed), how biblical history matches up with world history, and how the New Testament is a continuation of the Old Testament story.

Old Testament understanding is essential to a faith that can withstand the onslaught of doubts and falsehoods being thrown at young Christians today. We can’t understand our faith without the New Testament, and we can’t understand the New Testament without the Old Testament.

A full-Bible read helps people connect the dots and strengthen their faith.

3. We need a new mindset

Why is it that when we open the Bible, we sometimes fall into a trance and think we must read every word slowly. Because that’s one way to memorize, meditate, and study.

Power Reading is a very different—and important—way to engage with the Bible. When I introduce the concept of Power Reading, many people seem stunned by the idea that we can read the Bible like we might read any other book—fast!

The benefits of deep study come through… deep study. But the benefits of reading come through… reading. Opening your mind to a new way to approach the Bible will open your heart in new ways to God and the big picture.

4. We need spiritual goals

When it comes to our faith, we are often told not to make it make it about works or effort—and rightly so when it comes to understanding our relationship with God. But spiritual goals are good. Young people need them. And they need to accomplish some big spiritual goals to feed their faith.

We’ve watered down expectations, and lowered the bar on crucial spiritual disciplines. And we see the results in those who have left the faith. But I’ve also seen the opposite.

The goal of Power-Reading the entire Bible is so big, teens rise to the challenge in ways that will surprise you.

Join us today!

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