Joseph, Did You Know?

Naturally, when it comes to the Christmas story, Mary receives most of the attention. A virgin teenage mother gives birth to the Christ child—what a headline!

Often Joseph appears as a tag-along character, with donkeys, shepherds, and wise guys. But Joseph’s role in the story, and his unique ancestry, is monumental.

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In 2016, I accepted the challenge to read the Bible in 60 days. Since then I’ve led hundreds of people, from all around the world, through a power-read journey of the scriptures. 

But this Summer, I wanted to help families, including their teen children, have the experience of seeing the big picture of the Bible.

So I’ve planned an opportunity (see link below) for you to read the Bible as a family for 60 days. Instead of reading the entire Bible, this reading plan covers forty percent of the text…

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