01. Why Fasting?

[Video: First Experience with Fasting – Part 1]

I fast because I’m weak

Jesus told his disciples that the spirit is willing, but the body is weak. That’s certainly the case with my body. If I had been with the disciples and Jesus in the garden the night he was arrested, I would have fallen asleep too. Prayer is difficult for me. And fasting helps my weak body get in position to pray with greater power and effect.

I fast because I love to eat.

The difference between fasting and feasting is one simple letter. “E!” Yeah – as in EAT! I enjoy feasting and the role food plays in connecting with others. So fasting stabilizes my weight and allows me to enjoy cycles of feasting, balanced by cycles of fasting.

Fasting is not a license to swing my weight back and forth like a yoyo. But a lifestyle of periodic fasting allows me to orbit around a healthy, desirable body weight.

I fast because God is invisible

By denying what is visible (food), I can more easily approach that which is invisible (God). Fasting is all about setting aside the things of the physical world so we can see to tap into the things of the spirit. When you deny yourself physical food, you find yourself feasting on spiritual food more naturally – God’s Word. Fasting is good for my soul.

I fast because I’m a copycat

I fast because of others who did – like Moses, David, Paul…and Jesus. Faith heroes of the past centuries fasted, too. Over the years I’ve been introduced to mighty men and woman who fasted. I want what they have… a vibrant walk with God. Fasting makes that possible.

I fast because I’m a husband and a father

The responsibility of managing a godly household is a daunting one. Sure, I could wing it. (And I’ve done that at times). But I don’t trust (nor do I like) the results that come from my own efforts.

The enemy wants my marriage to suffer and for my kids to fall prey to the trappings of the world. I need a greater power for favor and protection. I need fasting.